• Adella and ManneqART

    July 6th, 2014, by Bree

    Steampunk 3D dress on white background

    My dress made it onto the ManneqArt.org 2015 calendar!!! It's going to be January!! And that happens to be my birthday month. I'm so excited for this opportunity. I can't wait for the Digital Art competition to be finished and see what it will look like with an enticing digital background. Check them out at ManneqART.org or if you are around Howard County, MD one of their many events and see my creation live!

  • Adella, Another first, wearable art

    May 3rd, 2014, by Bree

    Black and White 3D dress

    The dressmaking continues to evolve. I ran across this call for wearable art for a show called ManneqArt. When I saw it, after Audrey, I thought "I can do that." So after a trip to the thrift store to get the skirt and vest, it was off to creating. My husband suggested using a SteamPunk theme which captured my attention pretty quick. So I painted the skirt and vest to simulate a faux leather by first using glue and a wire brush to give it that leather distressed look. Then I was off into my collections of "stuff" to find the accessories. Nuts, washers, cd's, and an antique drain snake and plenty of other items. Put it together, made some cuffs, spats and a fascinator (hat) to go with it and it turned out to be an incredible piece of wearable art. Now to just wait and see if I get into the show...

  • Audrey, My first full size 3D dress

    March 1st, 2014, by Bree

    Black and White 3D dress

    As many of you know that follow my work, I have been creating paper wedding dresses like mad. But I wanted to do something even more special for the "A Perfect 10" show here at Tannery Row Artist Colony. The show that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the artist colony here that I have my studio at. A place that has become very special to me. So as usual it started with a repurposed old mannequin sculpture found at a local antique store. From there with paper and thread, yes thread. I actually sewed the dresss. I created this very beautifull full sized 3D dress. I've mounted it on a repurposed bird bath with a beautiful wood table top provide by the wonderful people at "Rustic Trades" also here at Tannery Row.